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Koch IP ® and BwiseIP 1) have tailored the CPSC (TM) product to meet the needs of Innovators wishing to achieve a cost effective entry to Intellectual Property protection for their Innovation with the value add of scope-of-protection assessment and commercialisation assessment services.

The CPSC (TM) product includes:

- capturing your innovation and filing of a (first) patent application for your innovation

- requesting an assessment of the innovation by the patent office; and

- advising on the scope of protection that may be available and the commercialisation opportunities and risks.

The CPSC (TM) product can be implemented as the start of a continued patent protection application process for your innovation both in Australia and overseas, or as a stand-alone, confidential project if it is decided to not continue with the patent protection application process 2).

The costs of the CPSC (TM) product are made up of an upfront fixed cost and a minimum advise services costs billed at the time of the assessment reports. Additional costs will be incurred for continuing with the patent protection application process, if applicable.

Contact us if you want to learn more about the CPSP (TM) product to judge its suitability for you:

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2) The information provided does not constitute legal advise. If you do require legal advise, please contact us to arrange a consultation.

Unlocking the tangible value proposition behind intangible assets

IP-Valuate (TM) is a pre-investment Intellectual Property, IP, evaluation product which goes beyond the question of how many pending or granted IP rights there exist in an IP asset pool of an investment target - focusing instead on how well the IP is protected.

The IP-Valuate (TM) product can help investors understand how the IP is suited to keep competitors from offering the same or similar products, services or brands. For example, does the IP protect the investments target’s product as the only one of its type and function, or only as a variation amongst others of the same or similar type and function? This can significantly affect the tangible value proposition behind the intangible IP assets.

The IP-Valuate (TM) product can be used by investors in the short-list stage of identifying investment targets, to go beyond the question of whether IP protection is available for the products and services of the investment target, towards assessing the practical scope of the IP protection.

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